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Vitamin K

First IMPORTANT. The body only soaks up five pc of vitamins from pills or tablets the rest is washed down the toilet. Discover how you can absorb 98%. Glance at the bottom of this page.

Introduction Vitamin K is an essential fat-soluble micronutrient, which is necessary for a unique post-translational chemical modification in a miniscule group of proteins with calcium-binding properties, known generally as vitamin K-dependent proteins or Gla proteins. This far, the sole undoubted role of vitamin K in health is in the upkeep of ordinary coagulation. The vitamin K dependent coagulation proteins are synthesized in the liver and comprise factors II, VII, IX, and X, which have a haemostatic role ( i.e. They’re procoagulants that arrest and forestall bleeding ), and proteins C and S, which have an anticoagulant role ( i.e. They hold back the clotting process ). In spite of this duality of function, the overriding effect of nutritive vitamin K deficiency is a bleeding disposition thanks to the relative immobility of the procoagulant proteins.

Vitamin K-dependent proteins synthesized by other tissues include the bone protein osteocalcin and matrix Gla protein, though their functions wait to be explained. Biological role of vitamin K is the family name for a sequence of fat-soluble compounds which have the standard 2-methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone nucleus but differ in the structures of a side chain at the 3-position.

Vitamin K are synthesized by plants and bacteria. In plants the sole significant molecular form is phylloquinone ( vitamin K1 ) that has a phytyl side chain.

Bacteria synthesize a family of compounds called menaquinones ( vitamin K2 ), which have side chains based fully on repeating unsaturated 5-carbon ( prenyl ) units. These are delegated menaquinone-n ( MK-n ) according to the number ( n ) of prenyl units. Some bacteria also synthesize menaquinones in which a few of the double bonds is saturated. The compound 2-methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone ( common name menadione ) may be accepted as a provitamin because vertebrates can change it to MK-4 by adding a 4-prenyl side chain at the 3-position.

The biological role of vitamin K is to act as a cofactor for a specific carboxylation reaction that transforms selective glutamate. .

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How to Adjust BHRT?

Bioidentical hormones, also referred to as natural hormones, are used to treat menopause, perimenopause, and post-menopause symptoms. These hormones are much like the hormones that are produced in the body. They are metabolized, stored, and converted into other hormones naturally. The primary advantage of BHRT is that treatment doses are individualized.

Most bioidentical hormones are chemically-synthesized from diosgenin, a cholesterol-like molecule found in plants and then altered to be identical in molecular structure to the bodys natural hormones. They are available as a cream, oral, suppository or injections.

For most women, if they have been on BHRT for a lengthy period of time, or just began treatment, the dosage may have to be adjusted because womens bodies and hormone levels are prone to changes.

Symptoms that may indicate that your BHRT may require adjustment include hot flashes night sweat, insomnia, vaginal dryness, reduced sex drive, yeast infections, and painful intercourse. As well, there have been incidents of heart palpitations and dry skin and hair. If ones estrogen level is too high, symptoms can include a desire to eat sweet foods and there will be an increase in weight. There can also be such symptoms as water retention, swelling and tenderness of the breasts, as well as anxiety related symptoms. If ones progesterone levels are too low, symptoms can include: weight gain, depression, mood changes, migraines, anxiety, acne, joint pain, and a low sex drive. As well, there can be drowsiness, bloating, and yeast infections. The individual symptoms are associated with either low or high progesterone and estrogen levels. Your doctor will have you tested to find out what hormone level that is lacking, or in surplus.

Testosterone is another hormone within BHTH treatment that may require adjustment. Low testosterone levels can result in fatigue, low sex drive, muscle weakness, heart palpitations, bone loss, fibromyalgia, bladder leakage, vaginal dryness, as well as some memory difficulties. Too high testosterone levels can cause acne, insomnia, irritability, loss of scalp hair, facial hair growth, and mood swings.

The symptoms will be reversed once the appropriate hormone levels have been adjusted. The main value of hormone replacement therapy is that it can be adapted to fit your own individual hormone needs. Because everyone is unique, they require an individualized hormone replacement therapy customized to meet their individual hormonal needs. As well, eating healthy foods and exercising regularly are important aspects of successful bio-identical hormone treatment. If a womans hormones are out of balance, her body will not effectively respond to better nutrition and exercise. As your hormones level off, one will begin to feel much better and will have improved energy, spirit, and thought processes.

Bioidentical hormones are considered one of the most effective treatments for menopausal symptoms. Many women look to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to relieve their symptoms. Research has shown that menopausal treatment with BHRT reveals important distinctions between bioidentical and non-bioidentical hormones and replacing lost hormones because of menopause drastically relieves menopausal symptoms and improves and enhances ones quality of life.

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Motivation To Lose Weight Quickly – The Current Situation

Quit Blaming Yourself For Your Weight Problems… Let’s begin by qualifying that: Our statement is accurate, but we’re not suggesting there’s nothing you can do. What we’re actually claiming is you’ve either been misinformed or uninformed!

This article intends to help you change all that. You deserve to have a better life – free from the pain and suffering that weight problems bring.

Many of the reasons we’ve grown so large are not down to us. Let’s break the chain though and take control. We can learn new and enjoyable habits that will lose the weight. Life doesn’t have to be such a struggle.

Visualise this scenario – a Toyota needs fixing, but the mechanic’s been issued with the tools to fix a Ford. Not the right tools at all! He’s doomed to failure! It’s impossible for a mechanic to do the repairs with the wrong equipment.

Naturally being issued with the right tools is the key to success. The wrong technology will just lead to poor results and frustration – despite some prior knowledge on the mechanic’s part.

This probably all sounds a bit obvious, but we’re dealing with the same ‘obvious’ challenge trying to lose weight. Hence we’re looking to provide you with specially designed tools for fat prevention. If we’re honest, we all relate to different things. (It would be dull if we were all the same.) Just because a program works for some, it doesn’t mean it will work for all.

A selection of systems and tools will give you the choice to find one that ‘fits’ you. It’s likely that most of us have experience of when during each day we find diets easy going or tough. As a rule, a busy routine makes dieting much easier.

A passive lifestyle then can be said to be a very negative contributor where weight management is concerned. What we need are unique, tailored systems. Only then will we learn how to re-build our lives and become slimmer, more vital and bursting with energy.

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How to Fix a Relationship: 4 Questions You Have to Ask

How to fix a relationship when it is clearly broken is very hard and will involve asking tough questions. The challenge is that coming up with the best questions to ask to repair a relationship might be hard even when you are thinking clearly.

Assuming you truly have a strong desire to learn how to fix a relationship, it is still human nature to avoid asking hard questions. The preferred path is just pretending that there aren’t any problems in our relationship and going on with life.

The problem with taking this approach is that relationship problems will not go away on their own. It takes work to fix a relationship. Let me be blunt here- if you fail to put in the effort after you are aware of a problem, then you are shirking your responsibility.

Now, when learning how to fix a relationship, these are the 4 questions you have to ask:

1. What do you want to get out of the relationship?

It is critical that you and your partner ask this question sometime in the initial stages of the relationship. It is critical because if you don’t know what your partner expects from the relationship, how do you know if you will be compatible together?

2. At what point in our relationship did we have our best moments together?

The next question toward learning how to fix a relationship will help determine how each party looks at the relationship. If you each have a different idea of which point in the relationship you were happiest together, then it is likely that this might be when things started to go south.

3. In what ways are you not satisfied with the relationship?

Question three for how to fix a relationship is one that you need to answer with a gentle spirit. This means you don’t want to make this into a blame session or let yourself become too emotional. All you’re trying to do here is figure out where each of you stands, and answering this question will help determine that.

4. Where do you see the relationship going in the future?

Question four to knowing how to fix a relationship is to determine what future course you both believe the relationship is on. The answer each of you provide will give a good indication of the current state of your relationship. If both of you hold the belief that the relationship is on the wrong track and in grave danger, then possessing this knowledge is crucial so you can address the broken issues and fix your relationship.

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The Anatomy of Cells in the Body

The human body is comprised of various kinds of cells and by looking at the body from this perspective is the best way to comprehend what free radicals are.

Cells are comprised of various types of molecules and these molecules consist of one or more atoms of one or more elements held together by a chemical bond.

Atoms are comprised of protons, neutrons, and electrons whereby the total amount of protons that are in the nucleus determine how many electrons will surround them.

The role of the electrons is to manage chemical reactions that occur inside the atom as well as the substances that makes the atoms form molecules. Much like planets, electrons revolve around the atom in one or more shells.

When the innermost shell has two electrons, it is considered full. When the second shell is full with electrons the process starts all over again.

The most important structural characteristic of an atom for determining its chemical behavior is the number of electrons in its outer shell.

A substance that has a full outer shell tends not to enter in chemical reactions. Ultimately, atoms seek to reach a state of maximum stability, an atom will try to fill its outer shell by:

Adding or dropping electrons that will either fill or empty the atom’s shell

Attaching to other atoms in a attempt to share electrons to have a complete outer shell

The typical way an atom achieves maximum stability is sharing electrons with other atoms. This allows the conditions to for the atoms sustain the molecules in the most efficient way.

Often, the bonds that the atoms form remain in tact so that maximum stability is maintained. However, when these bonds do tear, the highly unstable free radical is born and swiftly seeks to make itself more stable.

Free radicals like to attack by locating the closest cell that has maximum stability and begins to steal electrons. Eventually these attacked molecules become free radicals themselves. The process will continue until eventually cellular damage occurs.

The process of metabolism is frequently when free radicals occur and sometimes even when fighting off viruses and bacteria. Other producers of free radicals derive from pollution, cigarette smoke, radiation, and pesticides.

The body is usually able to fight off free radicals unless it’s empty of antioxidants or free radicals production accumulates too much, damage can occur. The older you get the more free radical damage occurs.

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A Look At The Beginnings Of Pain Relief Products

There has been a lot of thought about how Demerol was created and what are its origins? The answers can be important especially for those who frequently use the drug to deal with pain. Looking into the origins of Demerol has not been obvious. You have to go a bit deeper than the brand name in order to discover the answer.

Underneath the covers the drug Demerol is really an opioid. Opioids are, as the name implies, opiates, so many of them work similarly to morphine. This group of drugs is typically used to relieve pain, although some of them are used to control things like diarrhea as well. Locating the origination of Demerol – or pethidine, as it is also known – you first have to delve into the origins of opioids.

As is usually the case, a number of opioids are created from opium and natural. Codeine and morphine are examples of this. Created by utilizing the gummy material which is carefully extracted from the seed pod of an opium poppyseed. Keep in mind, other opioids are created by man, typically by adding certain chemicals to the morphine.

Given the ease and cost of producing synthetic opioids makes them the majority these days. Synthetic opioids are not created from opium. Demerol is one of these, which just like pethidine is also known as meperidine. Additional members of this list include oxycodone, hydrocodone, and hydromorphone – Percodan and Percocet, Tussionex, and Dilaudid, respectively.

Demerol is usually applied to deal with moderate to severe and pain that is chronic. It is used in a number of different forms. For hospital use, the intravenous form is used, through an IV, or in its liquid, syrup form. Most state that it taste like a banana in this form. However, it is also available as a tablet.

Most countries monitor the use of Demerol closely. You should exercise caution when you are utilizing it. Because it is an opioid, despite not being made from opium, it can create addiction and dependency.

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Pregnancy is Nothing to Worry About

For many women, early pregnancy is a very exciting time. After you discover that you are expecting a child, you may think to begin planning for your experience weekly. Every day you will have a thousand questions, in spite of that it is a extraordinary experience. Queries such as what you can have for breakfast, will you be able to work out, and what type of pregnancy evaluations should you consider asking for?

Pregnancy Symptoms

With even the earliest signs of pregnancy, the signs or apprehension about being pregnant can be huge. For a lot of women, they complain that they are worn-out and strangely hungry. These prime pregnancy signs often guide women to begin the primary steps of getting a maternity test to find out if they are expecting a child.

If you learn out you are carrying twins all through your pregnancy the number of potential questions and worries may increase by two. How much weight will you gain, how can you avoid early labor, what can you do to boost your degree of success? Will you be required to go on bed rest? Let’s face it, the stress can be huge.

Pregnancy Calendar

Whatever questions you possibly will have, understanding your pregnancy weekly may help you make skilled decisions. By monitoring your pregnancy calendar you may monitor where your baby is in the development process. Pregnancy calendars are great resources because they allow you to better experience the miracle of pregnancy and the steps in planning for a new life.

There are multiple tools to select from, and no dearth of online and printed resources from which to extract information. Learn nourishment do’s and don’ts, and get the basics on other healthy pregnancy issues from working out to back soreness and sex. The more you know about your pregnancy calendar, the more convenient your pregnancy may appear.

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7 Dieting Tips to Help You Lose Weight More Efficiently

Are you fighting the good fight against those stubborn excess pounds. You are determined to lose weight but you are stuck in a rut. Don’t despair. Here are some simple tips to help you lose weight faster.

1)Eat foods containing few calories. You don’t need to go on a hunger strike to lose a couple of pounds. All you need is the willpower to eat low caloric foods. If you give your body less calories daily it will be forced to tap into those fat deposits. You will start burning more fat daily.

2)Start burning more calories daily. Say you eat foods containing 2500 calories every day nut you only burn 1000 all day long. You have to increase your physical activity by exercising more. Get a gym membership and start working out frequently. You will burn much more than 1000 calorie each day.

3)Get a healthy lifestyle not a diet. If you want to lose weight and keep your fabulous looking body for a longer time you have to change your lifestyle. You have to get healthy eating habits and exercise more. Fruits and vegetables are your friend in the fight against fat.

4)Start lifting weights even if you are a woman. Weight lifting burns fatter faster than any other form of exercising. Anaerobic exercises increase your metabolic rate by 25% for up to 15 hours. You don’t just burn fats while working out but also after the workout is over.

5)Eat less food. You don’t need to stop eating when your stomach cannot take anymore. Eat until you feel a little food and stop. You don’t have to stuff yourself with food at each meal. A good habit is always leave some food on your plate. That way you will eat less food.

6)Eat more foods rich in proteins and dietary fibers. Proteins and fibers help you feel full and keep hunger away for longer periods of time. You should eat more chicken meat, beef, nuts, low fat cheese and yogurt, whole grain cereals

7)Learn to eat your food slowly. I know you are always on the run. Finding time for a peaceful meal can be a challenge in our fast paced modern times but you have to do it if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Chew your food well and take smaller bites. Your brain will have the time it needs to signal you that you are full and you don’t need any more food.

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Sleeping Pill Zolpidem Tartrate

Zolpidem tartrate is also called Ambin CR. Zoplidem tartrate is widely used as a sleep medication, which is controlled release that comes in a two layer pill. This feature allows you to go to sleep quick and continue to sleep and if you do wake up, then you can go back faster.

AMBIEN or zolpidem tartrate was introduced in October 2005 and now 12 billion plus pills of AMBIEN CR have been given across the globe. It is the generic form of Ambien. If you ask anyone they will probably tell you that they have tried Ambien at one point.

Ambien CR and Ambien have been FDA-approved. It is the most widely used sleeping pill to help people get to sleep and stay asleep. Allowing people to wake up more times and get back to sleep sooner.

Ambien is a unique pill that has two sections which both works together to allow you for a better sleep. They work as one layer disintegrates to allow you to sleep better as the other layer disintegrates and allows you to sleep longer. Therefore, allowing you to have a better next day because you feel well rested. In the test period AMBIEN CR has been proven to allow people to sleep about seven hours a night. Regular adults in good health condition can be prescribed 10 mg a night and a patient with liver problems may be prescribed 5mg a night.

There is no Ambin generic and is not the same as any other sleep aids. If you think about a sleep aid that has been proven to help you sleep and stay asleep like with any medication you may want to ask or talk to your doctor about the multi-layer Ambien.

Can a pregnant woman take Ambien? Yes, it is okay for pregnant women to take it during her pregnancy. Every one of us that have been pregnant knows the discomforts of being pregnant. Getting up numerous times to go to the bathroom, the position of the baby moves or lies. The only problem that may occur is lactation problems, some women may have trouble lactating. Pregnant women can take it just in smaller doses.

With any medications do not take Ambien with alcoholic beverages as it can worsen depression and increase the thought of suicide. There is no permanent fix, but it can be used long-term once your doctor will let you stay on it and prescribe it to you.

There are several common side effects of AMBIEN CR are next day drowsiness, fatigue, headache and dizziness. Some known cases are diarrhea and an upset stomach, but this is low. AMBIEN CR is normally taken for 7-10 days or longer as long as your doctor prescribes for you to take it. AMBIEN CR has been proven to work for billions of patients. As with any medication Ambien do run a risk of dependency, but they are not a narcotic. If you should have an allergic reaction contacts your doctor immediately.

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Take Anti-Aging Vitamins to Reduce the Aging Process

Everyone knows that we can not fight time, and that there is not an enchanting fountain of youth that may take back sun damage, free radical damage and the aging process that starts to show as we get older. While we may not be in a position to turn back the clock, we can reverse some of the indications of aging on our skin and show younger, more firm skin.

If you follow a healthy diet, you are probably getting most of the vitamins and nutrients that you need, but you still may be missing out on some of the key anti-aging ingredients that are found in certain kinds of vitamins. Vitamins are essential to us on many levels.

Most people assume that they are only good to nourish our bodies, but they are also good for nourishing the skin. Making sure that you get the right vitamins in your diet every day can be hard. It is difficult to fit in all of the fruits and vegetables that our skin needs to truly look healthy. Anti-aging vitamins can help fill in when our diet alone is not enough.

Vitamins that target the skin include Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Omega three. There are multi-vitamins on the market that you can take which will give you the recommended quantity of each of these nutrients. You may also find specifically formulated vitamins that target the signs of aging on the skin.

Fish oil pills are another excellent vitamin to take because they make the skin look healthy. You can find some of the key ingredients that you need in additions and vitamins, and you may also find them in fresh vegetables and fruit that aren’t only critical to your health, but can also be critical to help fight the has effects on of aging.

Following a healthy reasonable healthy diet means filling your body with lots of fruits, vegetables and healthy food. Vitamins and minerals are vital to the feel and appear of our skin, and can aid in reducing the appearance of aging. It’s also equally as important to drink lots of water. most of the people don’t consume as much water as they need each day and that can lead to dull looking skin.

When you want to start reducing the signs of aging on your skin like wrinkles, lines and sagging, try incorporating a regimen of contra-aging vitamins into your diet. Feed your skin with the nutrients that it must reveal firmer and healthier looking skin for the fresh appearance that we all want to have.

Find vitamins that target your individual needs and concerns with the areas that you want to revive and bring back a youthful look. You can find a variety of essential oils and nutrients that you can use to help improve the elasticity of your skin, and that will help fight wrinkles and other aging signs on the skin. The better you take care of your health, the better your skin will also be.

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