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Tips For Getting The Best Rate On Life Insurance

Buying life insurance can be intimidating. But don’t let that discourage you from trying to get the best deal on the policy that’s right for you. Because most of us aren’t perfect, insurers ask a lot of questions and do medical tests when you apply for coverage to determine how much of a risk you are to insure. The bigger the risk you are, the higher the rate you’ll have to pay.

So if you’re getting life insurance for the first time or thinking about finding a new policy with a lower premium, it pays to know what criteria insurers use when setting rates and what you can do to improve your chances of getting the best price.

Age and Gender

The two things that play the biggest role in your life insurance rate are your age and your gender. If you are younger, you are at an advantage when you apply for life insurance because you have less risk and are not as close to death. Women also usually get better life insurance rates because they usually have longer life expectancies.

When getting life insurance for the first time, apply early! The younger you are the better rate you are likely to get. When you get married or start having children is the best time to start looking for a life insurance policy, life insurance is necessary when you have dependants who would be in trouble if they lost your income.


Smoking is one thing that will cause your life insurance rates to go through the roof. If you are 40 and have been smoking since your 20s you will probably pay up to triple what a non-smoker pays. If you want to get your life insurance rates down, one of the best things you can do is to quit smoking. Once you are smoke-free for two or more years your rates will go down.


The healthier you are the better rate you are going to get when you apply for life insurance. If you have high cholesterol or a history of heart disease in your family you are probably going to pay more for your life insurance. Other pre-existing conditions, like cancer or other similar diseases with high mortality rates, will also cause your rates to sky rocket. If you have a minor condition, like asthma, digestive distress or even diabetes, and are under proper care for these conditions, then your insurance company will consider these minor conditions and cut you a break.

The best thing to do before you apply for life insurance is to get a physical and see how you are doing, if you have a treatable condition you can start getting help and getting healthy before you apply for your life insurance.

The other best thing you can do is to shop for health insurance early – don’t wait until you are sick to get your insurance policy. Get it early so that it can protect you if and when you do get sick and so you won’t be paying a ridiculously high rate.

Family History

The final thing that insurers look at that is important to your insurance rate is your family history. Insurance companies will want to know if there are people in your family who have been diagnosed with any kind of serious disease. If you do have family history of disease, then you probably have a higher chance of one day getting sick, so you are going to probably end up paying a higher insurance rate.

Again, use an online quote site or shop around to find insurers with more-lenient standards. For example, say you had a parent who died of a heart attack at age 69. That wouldn’t preclude you from getting the best rate because some insurers ask whether you had a parent who died of heart disease before age 60 (as opposed to age 70, which is the standard many insurers use).

About the Author: Ashley Jones is an investigative writer for the Texas insurance industry. Jones helps consumers navigate the tricky waters of the insurance industry through investigating topics such as Texas auto insurance, home insurance and life insurance.

Wellbeing And Care Advice For Wooden Window Manufacturing Companies

Health and safety advice for wooden window manufacturing companies is easily available from the registered organizations. Basic rules and procedures should be implemented and followed under strict supervision by the relevant managing and supervising staff members. This all has to be considered when starting up any wooden window manufacturing plant.

Training and safety is very important for any staff that operate any kind of machinery, even if it is fully automated. If employees are ignorant of safety and unskilled or untrained, it creates a hazard within the workplace, putting others at risk too. For example, if you have a forklift truck being used to move materials from one area to another, it would be vitally important to train the operator to make sure that he or she is capable as well as aware of the safety of others in the area of operation.

Health issues such as muscle strains and sprains as well as skin and respiratory issues are always a risk if the correct controls are not implemented and followed. Making staff wear the correct clothing and use gloves and masks when dealing with chemicals and dusty by products will ensure their health is maintained. Also, getting rid of any waste needs to be done properly. Pollution, environmental concerns and reducing fire hazards all needs to be considered.

Any work that is being done manually, such as might be found in a smaller factory, should be done under strict control and supervision, ensuring that all the correct measures have been taken and that all the tools and machinery are in good order. Regular servicing and replacing of worn tools is something that needs to be kept under control.

It is not important if a factory is automated and using highly technical machinery, or a two man operation using manual tools. All tools and equipment needs to be maintained and serviced regularly. Also, staff should only use tools for the purposes intended and nothing else. Using a scraper to undo a screw is not only dangerous, but also inefficient.

Any raw materials or finished products being stored, should be packed securely and not taken to unnecessary heights that would make it difficult to access. Stacking pallets any higher than the recommended height will make them weak and unstable and very liable to topple over. If items are stored properly, it will be easy to find, retrieve and move to other areas within the factory.

All manufacturers, large or small, should ensure that they have sufficient insurance coverage. This is to protect both the employer and the employee in the event of anything happening that affects either party. The insurance sales team will be well able to advise and recommend the product that is best suited to each situation.

Insurance, and enough of it, is very important for any business that has employees. At first it might seem like a cost that an emerging or small company can hardly afford, but in the long run, none can afford to miss out on it. Growth and profitability in any company comes from productive staff, and taking care of their needs is important to make sure that the company continues to grow.

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Getting A Glowing Skin Through Natural Facial Treatments

There are a great deal of products that you could use in order to ensure that you will be able to keep a young-looking and radiant skin. Nonetheless, why would you lose your money in getting these substances when everything that you need in order to attain radiant skin is right inside your home? Here are some natural facial treatments that you could make use of to stay clear of dullness and undesirable wrinkles, all the components of which are right in your cabinet.

In addition to being a great source of potassium, bananas are likewise understood for having helpful effects when applied superficially. If you have some overripe bananas lying around, it will be a very good concept for you to mash them and mix them with a little milk. Applying the mixture to your skin will cause it to produce a particular radiance. Apply the combination and clean it off after 15 mins.

Honey is likewise known to have a lot of beneficial impacts on the skin, together with the various other perks that it is said to have. Apply a handful of honey on the different locations of your face and your neck, and leave it on until it dries. Wash it off with water later on. Running your finger through your skin will show you exactly how soft and supple it has become.

If you could discover an egg, separate the white from the yolk and add the egg white to a dab of honey. Mix the 2 ingredients together till the combination achieves a kind of thick consistency. As soon as mixed properly, you need to have the ability to apply the combination to your face and your neck like a pack. You might need to wait a particular amount of time for the mixture to dry, however. Wash the pack off when you feel it tightening up on top of your skin. You will surely be amazed at the result that you will experience!

Individuals who are growing old normally observe a certain loss of softness and elasticity on their skin. If you are experiencing this problem, then you ought to attempt this technique. Boil a head of cabbage until it is soggy and permit the water to cool down. Use the water to clean your face every night. You must notice that your skin is growing softer within a couple of weeks.

Papaya is a seasonal fruit and it will do you well to equip up on it when you can. For one, getting your day-to-day intake of this fruit will make your skin radiance from within. If you would rather utilize it as a pack, on the various other hand, then mash it in a bowl and use it to your face. Your skin should feel fuller and softer after a few mins. Dull skin is normally brought about by little blemishes like whiteheads and black heads. If you have this kind of issue, you could use the paste of fenugreek leaves in order to get rid of the natural oils that is inside your pores. Not just will your skin be radiant after the treatment, but your pores will look smaller also.

Gone are the days when you would need to grab your store-bought exfoliant if you want to eliminate the dead skin on your face. All you need to do is to blend a cup of sugar with lime juice and use the blend as your facial scrub. These two components are known for having excellent skin advantages, and using them together will leave you with young-looking skin.

You could also use turmeric on your face if it is marks and areas that you are stressed over. Utilizing this kind of natural component will give your skin the boost that it requires in order to heal and recover faster. Rather of waiting for months for your scar to heal, you will have the ability to restore your skin’s younger glow within weeks. Apply turmeric as typically as necessary, until your scar totally vanishes. Simply see to it that you do not apply even more than required, to prevent a greasy view certain areas of your face.

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Skin Treatments For A Radiant Face

When you undergo facial treatments, particularly the natural ones, you are actually improving your skin’s wellness and overall appearance; hence making it radiance. Homemade facial treatments are not just effective but they are also less costly. Due to the fact that they are made from natural components, it is less most likely you will certainly experience allergies.

One of the effective facial treatments is made of honey as this could protect your skin from untimely aging, acne, skin cancer and the ultraviolet rays of the sun. To make a honey treatment, mix 1/2 cup warm water to 1/4 teaspoon salt. Get a cotton ball and dip this into the honey combination then apply this on facial imperfections. Dab cotton swab with honey on the skin imperfection and let this stay for 10 mins. Wash the area with cozy water and pat dry.

If you desire a facial scrub, mix half a cup of oatmeal with a cup of yogurt (plain). Carefully rub this on your face in round motions. Wash your confront with cozy water to eliminate the scrub, and then followed by cold water.

If you are suffering from sunburn, you could make a facial mask made of salsa. Puree two tbsps of chopped fresh parsley, half of a small tomato, 1/4 chopped unpeeled cucumber and one tbsp fresh lemon juice. Apply the mix on the face and let it remain for 10 mins. Wash off with warm water and then softly pat your face dry.

If you have dry skin due to sunlight exposure, hot air or winter, you could make a hydrating mask to keep the wetness of your face. Mix one tablespoon of honey with an equal quantity of yogurt. The yogurt’s milk shall soothe and moisten dry skin. Prior to applying the mask, clean your face initially with a facial cleanser that has actually coconut oil. Let the mask stay on your face for fifteen mins prior to washing. If you are sensitive to milk, this mask is not for you.

If you have oily skin due to genetic elements or hormones that produce excessive oil or natural oils, you should make an exfoliating mask which will certainly do away with dead skin cells obstructing your skin pores. It is this obstruction that really secures in oil. Incorporate one teaspoon of soda to 2 tablespoons of oatmeal. Rub this on your face lightly and in slow-moving round motions. After a minute, clean the scrub of the confront with cozy water to open the pores then cool water to close the pores. The gentleness of oatmeal will not cause damage to your skin as it removes dead skin cells.

If you have a combo of oily and dry skin, you can utilize a toner to freshen your skin. Puree one piece of cucumber then strain it utilizing a screen to take away the seeds. Include a tsp of honey to the puree then keep this cooled. Apply on your face a light coat of this toner and let it dry. This shall moisturize the skin without stimulating a breakout.

If you have regular skin, you could not have eczema or pimples however you could still lean to wrinkles and great lines. You could make a wrinkle mask by integrating one tbsp of honey and 1/4 mashed banana. Place this mask to cleansed face and let it stay for 10 minutes prior to washing. The banana shall provide your skin vitamin A, potassium, magnesium and zinc which restore skin cells. You may additionally add vitamin E oil, avocado, wheat germ and yogurt to this facial treatment for added benefits.

These are the facial treatments that will leave your skin radiant.

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Facial Brushes To Clear Your Skin

If you are constantly in look for efficient beauty products in the market, you have actually most likely heard of the brand-new facial cleansing brushes that are the current rave of women who are appeal mindful. The main function of these brushes is to cleanse the face thoroughly, specifically if you constantly use make-up.

You could quickly acquire a facial cleaning brush from a drugstore or appeal shop. You have a lot of options in regards to brand name and costs. It is a little bit expensive, more or less $ 100, so it is crucial to do your research and find out everything you could about these facial cleaning brushes.

To offer you some helpful suggestions and details about facial cleansing brushes, you could examine the following paragraphs.

How they work

These brand-new cleaning brushes utilize the exact same innovation as electronic tooth brushes. In fact, the company that makes the cleaning brush coincides company that produces electronic toothbrushes. Both items make use of sonic regularities. These sonic frequencies let the brush step extremely quick, about 300 motions in one second. This rapid motion is just what makes this sonic facial cleaning brush very effective for getting rid of dirt, oil, and makeup on your face. This rapid movement also scours off dead skin cells on your face, leaving your skin soft and smooth to touch.

Advantages of facial cleansing brushes

These facial cleaning brushes clean your face completely. In reality, it cleanses your face 6 times more thoroughly than when you use your hands with tap water and facial wash or soap. You do not need to stress over any sort of makeup residue that could trigger pimples and wrinkles because your facial brush could thoroughly clean your pores.If you are using skin product like anti wrinkle cream or moisturizer, you can be sure that your skin will absorb these products better. This is because your facial cleansing brush cleans out your pores thoroughly, making your skin more absorbent. And since your skin can better absorb skin products, you can enjoy the full benefits that these beauty products offer.

With your new facial cleansing brush, your skin pores will additionally look smaller and practically unnoticeable to the eyes. You no longer have to fret about getting a close up picture because your skin will look smooth not just on camera however additionally when others look at it closely. It is additionally simpler to apply makeup uniformly if you have smaller sized skin pores.

The brush is not made of ordinary bristles that can hurt your skin. It is a soft and non-abrasive brush that could be made use of on the face. In fact, it is so gentle that you can use it 2 times every day. It is also optimal for all skin kinds. It could deal with oily and dry skin. And could also utilize it for blemishes like dark spots and pimples.

If you have troubles with wrinkles and fine lines that make you look years older, your brand-new facial cleansing brush could also help you solve this problem. Utilizing this brush frequently could minimize wrinkles and fine lines on your face which will make you look much more youthful.

If you use your facial cleansing brush every day, you will slowly experience the positive results. Your skin will feel smoother and softer and it will have that vibrant radiance that you will not get from other skin care products. The brush also makes your skin healthier.

Final thoughts

This new facial cleansing brush is ideal for all females who want to have a healthier, smoother, and softer skin. It may be a little costlier than other skin care products, but the advantages are worth the expensive cost tag.

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Tips In Getting Smooth, Glowing Skin

Virtually everybody, if not everybody, would such as to have vibrant and glowing skin. There is no doubt about that. The good updates is there are a number of means to achieve this; a few of which you can do in your house, while some would require the help of an expert.

Facial treatment

One of the very best methods to achieve a younger and radiant skin is to have routine facial treatments. This is in fact really prominent nowadays. There are a number of facial treatments offered to fit every skin kind. This is to see to it that your skin will certainly get the proper treatment to emphasize its inner appeal. Even more than that, there are additionally a couple of modern-day technical products and services to assist make the process faster and much more hassle-free.

To provide you a much better concept about the offered facial treatments that you could try, here are a few of them for beginners.

Lightening facial

This is excellent for those who desire to have fairer skin without imperfections. A whitening facial usages a bleaching mask. This will certainly then exfoliate your skin to successfully remove the dead skin in addition to the dirt that has been deeply embedded in your face for a long time. As an outcome, you will have not only a cleaner, but additionally a lighter skin that glows.

Do not stress because this facial will certainly be done in a few mins. So you could get this after work to chill out and loosen up after a taxing day. Or you could additionally have a facial prior to work to prep yourself.

Pore minimizer facial treatment

As the name suggests, this facial treatment will tighten your pores. Something you should learn about the skin is that open pores can easily result in a develop of dirt on your face. This can then cause blackheads, whiteheads and also pimples. At the exact same time, open pores look awful.

In this case, a pore minimizer facial treatment to tighten up the pores on your face would be the solution. A toning mask will be put on your face. This mask has actually been combined with seaweed mask to delicately exfoliate your skin while tightening your pores at the same time.

Pimples and pimple removal

If you are experiencing a bad instance of acne or zits, then this is absolutely the type of facial treatment that you should try. Pimples or pimples can easily be caused by a wide range of aspects. For one, it could be genetic. On the other hand, it can be the result of bad health practices. Anxiety from work or school could additionally result in a pimples break out.

However you do not have to stress since routine facial treatments can easily get rid not only of the actual pimples and pimples, but also the zit marks. This will then result in a more clear, youthful and glowing skin.

Non-surgical facelift

For those who desire a younger and glowing skin without going under the knife, then a facelift is the secret. This is non-surgical. However the effects will also be short-term and you will have to go with it one even more time after the impacts have actually subsided.

The facelift treatment will certainly raise and tighten your face and neck so you will certainly have skin that looks young and glowing. Those fine lines and wrinkles can be gone in moments.

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Who Pays for Damages if a Friend Wrecks Your Car?

A common question insurers get from customers is what happens when they lend their cars to a friend and that friend gets into a wreck? How might this scenario affect potential insurance rates and who is responsible to pay for the damages. There is no easy answer to this question; for the most part it differs for drivers depending on their particular insurance policy.

Because there are so many different types of car insurance policies, the different levels of coverage and different rules about lending your car out can vary widely depending on the individual structure of a policy. That being said, it is almost universally true that there are a great many situations where a borrowed car will be covered by insurance and there are also many situations where it will not be covered. It is always a good idea to get in touch with your car insurer to find out what the exact rules for your policy when it comes to this issue are, that way you can know before you let a friend behind the wheel.

There are some insurance situations where your insurance will pay for the necessary benefits, but the driver’s insurance can also come into play. There are also situations where, if you do not have someone listed on your policy for the purpose of driving your car, then your insurance may not cover him or her and you may have to rely on any applicable insurance of the driver instead. This will also be different in states that have no-fault insurance, which can further complicate this kind of manner.

Understanding that there are many different specifics and details of policies and providers, the common rule should be that if you lend out your car and the person driving gets in an accident and they are injured or they injure someone else, you can always be held liable because the vehicle ultimately belongs to you. What this means is that you will be held responsible to pay for any medical or other damages incurred and the injured parties can take you to court for any fees that aren’t covered by you or your insurance company.

Regardless of the driver of a car in an accident, fault can be said to apply to the owner of a vehicle. Because of this, you might consider a good rule of thumb to be that when you lend out your car you also lend out your insurance and the potential to have it raised or cancelled in the event of reckless or dangerous driving. No matter who is driving, your insurance will find out about an incident and respond accordingly.

There are some important exceptions when it comes to a borrowed vehicle and fault in an accident. If while your car is lent out to a friend it is stolen, you are not held responsible for damages occurred because the car is considered stolen, not borrowed. That also applies if anyone takes your car without permission, including family members who take the car for a joyride without asking, it’s the driver’s responsibility and not the owner’s.

Another exception applies to valets. If your car is valet parked at a hotel or restaurant and incurs some damage while in the care of the valet company, they, not your insurance, are held responsible for the damages and are liable to pay to fix them.

The best rule of thumb is to check with your insurance company and find out the rules for you and your car and your policy before you lend it out!

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Getting Short Term Health Insurance In Between Jobs

When we find ourselves in transition – from changing jobs to graduating from college to just starting out on your own – its important that you remember one thing; health insurance. It might seem like something that wouldn’t make it high up on your priority list, but skipping out on health insurance can lead to disaster in your life.

It is when you are in the in between, during major transitions, that you need to stop and consider the most responsible course to take to make sure your life stays on track. When you are young and healthy you may think that health insurance is not one of those things, but without it you could end up in a lot of trouble, stuck with major medical bills that will leave you in financial ruin and without health insurance because companies are slow to cover someone with major preexisting illness or conditions.

Because health insurance is so important for every stage of your life, during transition times it is first important to figure out what insurance is best for you and your personal situation. If you are in between jobs you should consider buying back your COBRA from your former employer. A COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) health-insurance option is one where you get to continue the health insurance coverage and benefits you had with your former employer for up to six month, provided you pay for the monthly fees out of pocket.

If this not an option, or if you are starting new and don’t have a former employer, or if you’re just retired, just discharged from the military or a worker on strike, a short-term health insurance policy is your best bet. This type of policy is designed to carry you over from one policy to another, to help you stand in a health insurance gap temporarily.

Short-term health insurance policies allow you the flexibility to see the doctors and specialists you need and prefer without restriction provided you pay the deductibles. These plans cover most surgeries, ER visits, diagnostic tests, prescription drugs, follow-up office visits and some mental health care. If you require extended hospital care, short-term policies require you get a waiver signed before hand in order to make sure that they will cover the sometimes exorbitant costs of these stays.

While many short-term policies are usually renewable for a total of 36 months, keep in mind that if you file a claim under your short-term policy your insurer will likely not renew the policy again. They might offer you another policy, but they will treat any injuries or illnesses that occurred during your previous short-term policy as a pre-existing condition.

The other most viable option for finding health insurance while you are in transition is catastrophic health insurance. These policies have small monthly premium rates and high one-time deductibles or co-pays that you are responsible for in a medical emergency. Catastrophic coverage is, as the name suggests, meant to cover major medical catastrophes and cover the major medical expenses that come with it, not every day expenses. This policy is best if you are young and healthy and not in need of medical treatment on a regular basis.

Having the right kind and the right amount of health insurance is so important for your life, especially when you are in transition. Getting caught without insurance will lead to major headaches – both health wise and financial – so do your research and find the right policy for you so that you stay covered in the in between.

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Essential Information About Short-Term Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance policies are designed for individuals and families who are transitioning from one stage of life to the next and will need basic health coverage during that time. As the name implies, short-term health insurance policies are temporary solutions to short-term gaps in a person’s major medical coverage.

You will need to look into short-term health coverage if you are temporarily out of work or in-between jobs and thus do not have employer provided health insurance. Also in this category are people who have just started a new job and do not yet qualify for their employer’s health benefits. You might also needs to look into short-term health insurance if you are a recent college graduate or have recently aged out of your parents health insurance plan, if you have recently retired or been discharged from the army or if you are on strike.

The final reason you may need to consider finding a short-term insurance policy is if you are waiting to be approved after having applied for a standard health insurance policy. You don’t want to go without coverage while waiting for your application to be approved. When you acquire a short-term plan you can know that the transition to a long-term or more permanent health insurance option will be without incident and it will help your future health insurance options to have no gaps of any kind in your coverage.

Most short-term health insurance plans last one to six months and can be renewed for a total of 36 months. The application process is generally simple and policies can be issued the next day. Depending on the short-term plan, benefits can be wide-ranging, with some policies providing up to $5 million in individual coverage.

It is usually quick and easy to apply for short-term health insurance policies. Do some research and find the company that is best for you then answer a few short questions and as long as you are relatively healthy you can be approved for a policy starting the very next day. This type of short-term plans generally last from one to six months and most can be renewed for up to three years (or 36 months) of continuous coverage. This gives you a good amount of time to get back on your feet and into a permanent coverage situation. Short-term policies are not only easy they are also effective – some will cover up to $5 million in medical expenses.

Surgery, hospital care, emergency services, diagnostic tests, prescription drugs, follow-up office visits and even limited mental health care could be included under a short-term health policy.

While many short-term policies are usually renewable for a total of 36 months, keep in mind that if you file a claim under your short-term policy your insurer will likely not renew the policy again. They might offer you another policy, but they will treat any injuries or illnesses that occurred during your previous short-term policy as a pre-existing condition.

Because the population seeking short-term insurance is for the most part young and healthy individuals and families, the risk for the insurance company is relatively low. Because of this, they are able to keep premiums to a minimum so that your monthly payments are affordable and so that you don’t have to worry when there is so much going on in a transitional time of life.

During these types of transitional periods, don’t forget about your health insurance. Short-term health insurance coverage will provide you a ever important service – making sure that if you find yourself in the middle of a medical emergency you are not left in financial ruin. Since these policies are priced so well, you have no excuse to ignore them or to go without. Keep insurance in the in-between by looking into short-term health policies

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Review About Sunless Tan Lotion And The Benefits

Sunless tan lotion is one of the most hunted products men and women use nowadays. It is a very helpful product because it can definitely provide you with an utmost satisfaction. During summertime or during hot weather, people would always want to cool down and have a great vacation at the beach. They love to go to the beach to make their skins tan, but sometimes, tanning under the heat of the sun may just cause severe skin damages, such as sun burns.

For those people who may have problems when it comes to the actual and timely skin tanning under the sun, this lotion can be the real solution for you. If you are really eager to achieve a dark skin color, make it happen by using this product.

This is a harmless type of body lotion. It is an overall safe application on your skin. You can apply some on your face, arms, body, legs and down to your feet. This will perfectly equalize the appearance afterwards. It actually resembles a tan color as its effect because it provides the skin with a darker or bronze color. You will now have lesser worries because it prevents you from damaging your skin.

There are actually numerous lotions for those wanting a tan without the suns rays. They are distributed globally by various cosmetic brands. Because of its benefits, it can greatly help you in so many different ways. This article will further tackle on the benefits of sunless tan lotion and how it actually works effectively on the skin.

These kinds of products contain dyes that can actually give the skin a light brown color or a darker one mimicking the appearance of a natural tan. Dehydroxyacetone is a type of sugar and is considered as the main element for this product. This is called DHA for short. It is effectively guaranteed since it is the only element that is highly approved by the FDA.

It prevents you from developing skin cancer or other skin disorders. Its contents are highly evaluated and are proven to be danger-free. Unlike the natural thing, you might just burn your skin and develop skin cancer due to the long sunlight exposure.

Well, if you are eager to achieve a real looking tanned skin, try using sunless tan lotion and enjoy its benefits. You apply it every two to three days or it will start to fade. Now you can always look like you were just on vacation.

Sunless tan lotion offers a safer and more efficient way to achieve a beautiful overall tan. You can use tan overnight lotion and protect your skin from sunburns and drying.