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The Link Between Cancer & Pesticides

Did you know that farmers, pesticide applicators, and pesticide factory workers have higher cancer rates than the average person? The U.S. government doesn’t appear to know or at least doesn’t care. Despite this very troubling fact, the government allows almost one billion pounds of pesticides to be poured on our food supply each year- a few pounds for each of us. Not only are pesticides in and on our food, but in our drinking water as well.

Pesticides are used to kill or deter insects, weeds, fungus, bacteria, and animals. It is not a stretch to believe that the same chemicals used to kill insects and plants on our food could kill our cells once we ingest those chemicals. Carcinogenic chemicals are known to damage and even alter our DNA, due to the creation of free radicals that can accelerate the spread of cancerous cells.

What’s more, these pesticides often remain in our bodies for years, due to the fact that the majority of them are fat soluble. I can attest to this as I remember vividly suffering from headaches for about two weeks when I cut pesticides out of my diet and began eating a vegan diet of mainly organic fruits and vegetables.

There has been a tremendous amount of private research done over the years, which consistently shows the evidence that pesticides can cause cancer. In one study, over 50,000 U.S. farm workers were assessed for skin cancer. The results showed that the more time workers spent spraying certain chemicals, the higher the rate of cancer was. The group that was spent the most time spraying pesticides were more than 2.5x more likely to have skin cancer than those in the lowest group.

The diverse landscape of Argentina can be helpful in illustrating the connection between cancer and pesticides. Their Ministry of Health completed a study that showed a strong connection between the two. Areas of low pesticide use had low cancer rates while the opposite was true in high application areas. This is a useful report for U.S. citizens to understand as Argentina’s agricultural industry is very similar to ours with respect to the usage of both pesticides and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs).

Spend a few minutes looking over research on the internet and you can find well-respected doctors and university researchers connecting pesticides to a variety of different cancers.

Despite the fact that pesticide companies say their products are safe, it’s obvious based on the contrary research that we shouldn’t believe them. Either they are lying or don’t know what they’re doing, since they are the same people who told us that DDT and PCBs were safe, prior to them being banned.

The best way to avoid insecticides and herbicides is to eat cleaner foods, mainly organic, although non-GMO can help as well. Thin-skinned fruits and most berries should be eaten from organic farms. I would recommend filtering your drinking water as well.

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How To Be Better In Womens Running Activities

If there is nothing in this world that you desire to achieve than a great running experience, then you simply need to follow the tips below. If you do that step, then everything can already be in order for you. So, never let this article pass you by. You have seen it for a reason and that is something that you should consider.

First, you have to take care of your body regardless of the circumstances. Take note that you will never be permitted to join womens running events if you do not have a sound system. Thus, focus on your daily diet and start to incorporate exercise since you will be needing it to keep those muscles in and legs in their toughest forms.

Second, you should try not to land with too much force on your feet. If you do the exact opposite of that all the time, then you will be encountering injuries along the way. You will be sent to the hospital for the necessary treatment and that will only cause a dent to your budget. So, be careful most of the time.

Third, you must not allow pressure to get the most out of you. If you are trying to win the marathon to impress other people, then forget about the plan that you have. Remember that this is the time of your life where in you need to focus on what will make you happy. Thus, you have to forget about those individuals who know that you will be on the race.

You would have to breathe properly. Take note that you are running to enhance the condition of your body. That is something that you would not be able to do if your breathing pattern is all over the place. Thus, focus on the exercise routine first so that this task will already come naturally to you in the future.

You should come up with a rhythm that you are completely comfortable with. Yes, you are most likely going to run in public places. However, there is a certified method that you can use to keep the noise at bay. That is no other than putting those headsets to your ears and turning the volume up.

Just be able to find comfort in this form of exercise. Yes, you are bound to get tired at one point but then you are also destined to feel some sort of achievement. As you can see, you will not be able to get anything good in life if you will not work hard for it first.

Also, do not forget to put variation into your life as a runner. If you easily get bored, then you have the freedom to move from running place to another. No one is basically allowed to tell you differently. You will just have to be aware of the fees that are existing in those places.

Overall, take one day at a time. You will soon be an expert runner. Just dedicate yourself to practice and your goals will certainly be within your reach.

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What Are Scents Of The Spirit

Life in today’s world can be very stressful and demoralizing. When these conditions become overwhelming there may be a product available for women to help overcome the effects of them. Ego Eimi has created two fragrances specifically designed to help overcome the effects of the negative society we live in. Scents of the Spirit is a unique way to change your out look and raise your self esteem on a daily basis.

There are two unique fragrances created by Ego Eimi that have been designed to bring hope and new life to the spirits of women who are wearing them. The inspiration comes not only from their unique essence but also from a scriptural message that is included when purchased. You will find uplifting scripture included in every package.

Blending orchid and hyacinth into a long lasting and softly sweet fragrance creates the aroma that is called Hopeful. The gentle essence of this perfume is designed to remind women of the joy and freedom they are promised in the scriptures. As an extra reminder there is a printed copy of Psalms 37:4-5 in each package.

The second fragrance is called Renewed and it is a blend of lemon and gardenia aromas. It is described as fresh and sophisticated and designed to rejuvenate the soul as described in Isaiah 40:30-31. These verses promise renewed strength and energy to those who are feeling overwhelmed by life. Both of these fragrances are reasonably priced and can easily be found online.

The idea behind these products and their packaging messages is easily conveyed. When women prepare themselves for the day ahead by using this product they are initially inspired when they apply the fragrance and each time they renew the spray or catch a whiff of themselves they are reminded of the promises made to them in the scriptures. The ultimate goal is to encourage women to allow peace and joy into their lives by helping to remove the negative effects of their lives through faith.

Part of the mission of this company is to help those who are not able to help themselves. They donate to organizations that work to assist women and children in abusive situations. They are also contributors to Project India which helps to support families in India and provide their basic daily needs. Another part of their generosity reaches out to a group that helps to stop modern day slavery by protecting those at risk and prosecuting those who are the problem.

The organizations they contribute to also help to stop slavery in the world. Using methods that protect the innocents and prosecute the criminal elements of this trade they help prevent it from happening. Others help women and their children transition from life in abusive relationships to productive lives of their own. Another favored cause helps to provide daily needs for families in India.

Everyday people are searching for a way to feel the joy that has been promised in the Scriptures. Purchasing this brand of fragrance promises to help women find that happiness through daily use and remembrance of the verses that accompany it. Ego Eimi has gained some notoriety in social media and on television for its effectiveness against the negative aspects of life. The promise of renewed hope may be the key deciding factor when purchasing this product.

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Acquiring Some Nursing Reference Cards

If you think that these things will be beneficial for your studies, then acquire them by all means. However, you should stop yourself from falling for the first set of options that you will be able to find. Keep in mind that there are still a lot of prospects out there and it is your responsibility to get to know them one by one.

First, you are required to be very particular with the quantity of the cards. See to it that the number that you will be seeing at the back of the nursing reference cards is something that will put a smile on your face or put you in awe. If not, then you will just have to expand your options even more.

Second, they should be things that are very versatile. This is for you to be able to lend them to the friends whom you have acquired while you were studying. If you will have that privilege, then you can already start a small business right there. You can ask a fee from every friend who will like to get a hold of the items that you possess.

Third, if you have plans of giving these items to someone who has just graduated from nursing school, then you are free to do so. You are even performing that step for a good cause. Thus, let no one stop you from being the deliverer of joy for once in a while. So, continue to the next step below.

When it comes to the quality of the cards, they would have to be made out of durable plastic. If not, then they would easily get wet when it rains. Thus, make sure that you would be having this kind of items in your shopping cart. They can definitely help you make the most out of your money.

If they are waterproof, then you can start congratulating yourself right there for you have found quite a gem in those things. So, simply proceed with the kind of selection process that you are conducting. You should realize by now that you have an effective method going on. Thus, you should focus on that as of the moment.

Now, if they have useful information on both sides, then you must not let other people take them away from you. So, stop giving recommendations to your friends at this point of search. This is simply because it is the perfect recipe for disaster.

Lastly, get a metal ring that will never break. As much as you hate to admit it, this object can make your life better in the sense that it can prevent you from losing any of your cards. So, once you have checked the condition of the main part of the package, you will have to lead your eyes to the ring next.

Overall, choose the products which have a lot of benefits. They are the ones that you should be exerting your energy on. Find them to the ends of the Earth if you have to. That is how it is.

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Seek Good Health Care At Hiatal Hernia Treatment Chicago

When contents of one body cavity protrude into another adjacent cavity then the resultant condition is usually termed as hernia. It may arise as a result of trauma or growth anomaly. This is unusual may either be symptomatic or even asymptomatic at times. This disease may be of different kinds and they are named depending on their location. At hiatal hernia treatment Chicago, clients receive optimal health.

Causes of hernia may vary but are generally associated with growth defects or trauma. Hiatal hernia is mainly growth and development defect in which the junction of stomach, diaphragm and esophageal tract. Defects along the above mentioned junction permits reflux and or sliding of stomach and its content into thoracic cavity; a condition that amounts to hiatal hernia. Two main symptoms and signs include chest discomfort and or gastro-esophageal reflux disease. For the reflux disease; there are a number of care options available including some discussed below.

One way of managing reflux disease is modification of lifestyle regarding eating habit. Individuals affected must learn to eat small samples of meals several times a day rather than the usual bulky meals. In similar note, patients need to take up to three hours after feeding before retiring to bed. In a similar manner, fluids should not be taken a lot in the night hours when people are bound to be in horizontal position during sleep. In addition to this, affected clients must make sure that their beds are raised on the side of the head as a way of limiting reflux and its related discomfort.

Inhibition of acid production is achieved with the aid of proton pump inhibitor drugs. These drugs include omeprazole which works by limiting active transport system associated production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Other drugs that might be used to achieve similar effect include histamine receptor blockers as cimetidine.

Some drugs have the ability to neutralize acid as a way of relieving reflux discomfort. These are generally called antacids. Drugs of this kind come in different forms and require users to either chew or swallow the preparation. Magnesium is one very good example of such drugs. Better still, prokinetic drugs may be prescribed for short period of time to enhance stomach emptying. This serves to reduce stomach content volume at any given time and consequently reduce possibility of reflux.

It can be necessary to undergo surgery if the above care options misfire. It is not often the case but can be the only existing option at some point and for particular clients. The procedure involves incision and repair of defects by a specialist surgeon. However, it requires that multiple tests and investigations be carried out before actual surgery. All these seek to confirm the diagnosis.

Other care options are basically symptomatic care. For instance, clients with fever require that they be given ant-fever drugs. Other symptoms that vary from client to the other are cough, difficulty in breathing among others.

As a summary therefore, all persons should make it their role to ensure that they lead quality life free from hernia and its related discomfort. Care options are available and so affordable compared to the distress resulting from untreated conditions. Let all persons strive to stay safe and healthy.

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More Reasons To Seek Chiropractic Concord NC

The role of a chiropractor is to determine the structural limitations that are impeding normal operation, causing pain and discomfort. There are a number of methods that can be implemented for those suffering from severe injuries, training difficulties, and pain management strategies. When it comes to chiropractic Concord NC communities consider naturally based solutions to aid in working towards more functional states.

The practice of chiropractic will deliver heightened support to work towards a balanced and fully functional spinal column. For those who are unaware of the impact that a misaligned spine can have on operation, it is important to identify symptoms and to seek alternative therapy. The body should experience heightened levels of support to assist in working towards a state of balance and to correct impacted nerves.

For those who experience the debilitating impact of back pain, it may result from the improper alignment of the spine. The pressure placed on the nerves in the column will be attributed to the fact that the vertebrae has become skewed because of factors such as excess weight, bad posture, and injury to the spine. With the large number of lumbar complaints, there are tailored methods available to address such dysfunction.

To prevent against the possibility of an unhealthy spine, it is important to follow a few simply health steps to ensure that flexibility and alignment are maintained. Incorporating daily exercises that are of a low impact and focus on strengthening core areas can prove most beneficial for individual needs. For the large number of people who suffer from spinal imbalance and limitations, there are a few strategies that can be incorporated for the healthiest possible results.

Sitting and standing need to include the correct types of posture as this alleviates spinal imbalance and nerve pressure. Do not slouch your shoulders or bend forward in an awkward manner because it can cause weakening of the muscles and joints. Keeping the spine aligned and strong through targeted exercise can assist in maintaining spinal health and the desired weight.

If you are going to life heavy items, it is important top ensure that the back remains optimally supported to protect against the possibility of injuries. Do not twist your spine when lifting or carrying objects of a considerable weight because it will affect regular function and can result in excessive strain. The heavier items should be pushed with the legs and not with lifts.

Incorporating daily exercises will prove most beneficial when it comes to developing muscle strength and spinal flexibility. The development of a particular workout regime is based on individual needs including weight loss to prevent any additional pressure from being placed on the spine. Discuss possible conditions with your doctor before proceeding with such activity.

For those interested in achieving a state of health and wellness, it is important to support the body with the correct forms of intervention. The experience and professional approach offered by a chiropractor can aid in facilitating an optimum state of spinal health. All restrictions will be examined and natural methods of support advised for healthy operation.

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Best Care Options For Navicular Disease

All living creatures experience the continuum between good health and sickness. Horses are no exception to this phenomenon. They suffer from both long and short term illnesses. Long term illnesses may also be named chronic illnesses and short term illness as acute illness. All of these may vary in the severity of their presentation depending on the intensity of the disease. Navicular disease is an example of a chronic illness found in this animal.

The bone affected is located in the leg of horses. Front legs being the most affected one and proximal structures like ligaments as well as bone tissues may be involved in the disease process. In addition to this, body weight of individual horse has been associated with onset and or development of leg illness. Heavy weight is therefore considered a risk factor.

Pointing out the exact events and or pathogens that may be responsible to this ailment is still a question left to the scholars. However, there are a number of speculations or theories that attempt to answer this concern. The very first theory proposes that compression of this bone and hence its surrounding support may be a cause sickness. Such compression leads to tear and wear of ligaments, cartilage and the bone in question.

A second theory that attempts to explain onset of this illness is tension build up. A sustained tensile strain on ligaments as well as bone cartilage marks the onset of tissue degeneration. With time, inflammation sets in and worsens the already ailing leg condition. A combination of both inflammation and tension therefore leads to poor nourishment of the affected tissues and consequently lameness sets in. A third speculation regards first landing of toe while in active movement. Rapid landing is associated with steady but consistent wear out of support structures in the leg.

There are a number of ways through which one may protect horses from this bad encounter. One is by ensuring proper exercise practices which must not be straining and on a good terrain. Steep slopes and rough environments are some sources of strain that need be avoided. Secondly, good practices of trimming and shoe choice marks a reliable way of preventing this disease. Lastly, jumping and related practices as galloping must be avoided for better outcome.

Pain on heals is the most striking symptom of this disease. As the pain worsens, affected animal becomes lame. Lameness begins as a mild and intermittent condition that worsens with time. After a long period of illness, feet may considerably change shape.

Several care modalities exist to save the ailing victims. Choice of the best way forward to restore good health is dependent upon observed state of disease. For instance, trimming alone may be able to solve mild conditions that have not caused much damage. A second option is hoof care. Third option involves proper non strenuous exercise and lastly, one may opt to give medication and or use surgical means to restore good health.

In summary, all horses need good health care so as to provide the best service. It is therefore good to know and observe for signs of disease. It is one sure way of responding in time before illness becomes devastating. Better still, preventive mechanisms remains the best and less costly.

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Finding A New Salon In Bend Oregon Is Intimidating: 3 Tips To Finding Your Next Hair Stylist

One of the most important things to a woman’s personal beauty, is her hairstyle. She usually is okay going into public in her scrubs, But don’t mess with her hair. I am sure you have heard many horror stories of bad haircuts and colors, so I want to help you understand the best way to find A great hair salon in your area.

The first place you can go to find A high quality hair salon in your city, Is the Internet. If you search for hair salons in your area, A list of salons will appear in the search engine. Just because a salon has a website that appears in Google does not mean they are great at cutting hair, but it is a great start because salons that spend time and money on their Internet marketing, most likely spend as much time on their performance. Many salon websites Will include biographical information about the hair stylists including where they went to school and how long they have been in the business. This could also be a good indicator of the quality of hairstylist this salon employs.

While you are searching the Internet, you can also click on client reviews to see what other peoples experience was in that salon. You will often get a good feel for the professionalism of the hairstylist by the quality of testimonials written online. Sometimes this may be all you need to get the confidence to schedule an appointment.

If you still aren’t convinced, the next best step would be to ask around because Word of mouth and customer experience is the most important advertising. If you happen to be in the supermarket, and notice someone’s outstanding hairstyle, that resembles what you want your hair to look like, don’t be afraid to ask them where they got their hair done. Usually women are excited about the hairstylist they go to, and would appreciate the compliment, And be more than happy to refer you to their hairstylist.

Once you feel comfortable enough to schedule an appointment, the rest is up to your hairstylist to make sure you get A superior experience your very first time. You can usually tell within the first couple minutes if your hairstylist is confident in her work, And friendly to talk to. She will sit you down for a consultation where you can explain exactly what you want your hair to look like. It is helpful to bring in magazine pictures so that you can be on the same page. It is important to make sure that you feel your stylus understands what you are saying before she goes to work. Sometimes excellent hairstylist can get it wrong because they didn’t communicate or understand properly the look you were going for.

When you are finished getting your haircut or colored, you will know if you found your new hairstylist. You will have enjoyed your time with them and been able to connect on a personal level, And will absolutely Love your new hairstyle. If they did a great job, be sure to let them know. It is great to be able to communicate back that they did what you paid them to do. In the customer service industry, sometimes we do not get enough positive feedback so it is great when we do. And be sure to write an online review if you had an outstanding experience. This is how hairstylists grow their business, And can be the biggest compliment you could give.

Want to find out more about a great hair salon in Bend Oregon, then visit my playlist on how to choose the best Bend Oregon Salon near you.

Experienced Dallas GA Chiropractor Educates Public About Fibromyalgia

Diagnosing fibromyalgia can be a tricky business, as there is a wide range of potential symptoms. It is important to rule out other diseases as there will be a specific protocol to deal with that particular condition. Once other options have been ruled out, then fibromyalgia may be the problem.

So far it has proved impossible to ascribe a specific cause to this problem. A local Dallas GA chiropractor is proactively trying to educate the public so they can identify it and take whatever steps may be appropriate. No doubt researchers will eventually identify a solution, but until then awareness is probably the best defense.

Allopathic doctors usually treat the problem symptomatically through the use of drugs. This approach can backfire, and chiropractors prefer a more natural approach to normalize the body. Masking the symptoms may be counter-productive, and conceal a more urgent problem which has been overlooked.

One possible cause is stress, while lack of sleep may be a contributing factor. Dietary supplementation with magnesium and other minerals and vitamins is indicated, while omega-3 fats are also useful. Chiropractors commonly employ massage and other techniques such as ultrasound or electro-stimulation.

Vigorous exercise is not recommended, as it may simply make the problem worse. Instead, a program of stretches or light exercises, breathing, and relaxation therapy is more suitable. Your must take responsibility if you are to have any hope of achieving good results with controlling your symptoms.

As there is so much that is uncertain about this condition, there can also be no hard and fast rules for remedying it. To date, chiropractic has been found the most effective approach for finding some relief. It is important to persist with any therapies, as substantial results may be slow to manifest.

Patients with symptoms all over their bodies will not regret consulting a local chiropractor in Dallas GA. A thorough assessment will be performed initially to eliminate the involvement of any other problems . The results will indicate the approach most likely to provide the quickest improvement.

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A Guide To Rehab Following Lumbar Fusion

The performance of spinal surgery is regarded a highly intricate procedure that requires suitable support for the facilitation of a safe recovery. The necessary forms of intervention have to be implemented to address back injuries and degeneration in a structured and effective manner. When it comes to rehab following lumbar fusion all patients are advised on a program that will have to be followed to prevent additional complications.

The first stage of the rehabilitation process involves limiting movement. While the metal instrumentation that is inserted in the back for correction and support can sustain pressure, it requires minimal movement of soft tissues and nerves to ensure that the spine remains in the ideal condition. Wounds may take up to 6 weeks to heal and should be inspected to ensure that it does not become infected.

All patients are provided a strict regime in terms of limited movement for 6 weeks to 3 months after surgery. One will not have to attended to tasks that include collecting items from the floor and instead a grabbing device will be provided. Putting clothes on can be completed in a restricted manner that will minimize poor spinal motion.

In the first 6 weeks rest is important, but patients will also have to engage in structured exercises. These techniques aim to decrease pressure placed on the spinal column and may involve light swimming and methods that do not involve flips, kicks or turns. One is not permitted to engage in gym activities or use exercise equipment.

It is in the first 3 months that one is not advised to bath because the constant bending will place pressure on the spine. Patients should be able to perform showers with care taken to remain stable and to prevent against slips or falls. Using a chair and similar features can aid in preventing against injuries due to a sudden fall.

The strengthening of bones and tissue can include modifications to the diet in the form of minerals and proteins. Most patients will have to incorporate vitamin supplements to ensure that the right amount of support is provided for tissue function. Healthy results and efficient recovery methods should be implemented with access to balanced diets.

Individuals are required to visit with a physical therapist for a few weeks after surgery has been performed. Light stretches and implementing aerobics down the line aims to enhance flexibility and circulation for healing to take place. A surgeon will aid in determining the healthiest and balanced operation while relieving restrictions in physical operation.

Neil P. Hines is passionate about providing intelligent, unbiased and highly relevant medical information for people dealing with a wide range of pain conditions and related orthopedic needs, including back pain, knee pain, joint replacements, sports medicine, lumbar fusion and more. If you are interested in learning more about lumbar fusion specialists Bucks County he recommends that you visit his friends at St. Mary Medical Center.